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Mar 2018 | Opera

At ExMachina we even put flames in motion! Playing with fire on stage is a sensible subject, especially when flames move vertically above performers. For Don Carlos by Giuseppe Verdi, directed by Christophe Honoré at the Lyon Opera House, Alban Ho Van designed a 9 meters flying fire ramp integrated in a wooden decorated beam.

The object fires while still in the fly and hidden from the public. Then, it slowly flies down to land on the ground. Halfway through, it passes in front of an identical beam where four prisoners are hanged, symbolizing a public execution.

For safety matters, we designed a tipping container for the fuel. Such container is naturally unbalanced and tips into an inner tray when released by four ShowTex Kabuki Brakes. Contained in a closed volume covered with fiberglass fabric, the flames suffocate and extinguish. The whole mechanism fitting within the beam section makes it invisible yet safe for everyone to enjoy the show!