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Sep 2019 | Opera

Barely four years after his previous creation, Pascal Dusapin created a new opera called MacBeth Underworld, in response to a commission from Théâtre de la Monnaie in Brussels. The direction of this gothic and mystical opera is signed Thomas Jolly, while Alain Altinoglu worked on infusing this intense and dark atmosphere to the music.

The decor, like the story, is haunted by characters both familiar and disturbing, who come to invest and climb the giant central structure of 25 tons. Alternatively, an architecture with balustrades and an imposing twisted tree coming straight out of the abyss succeed one another: it is the effect obtained thanks to the creation of three 5.5 m diameter turntables embedded on one 12.5 m diameter master turntable.

Everything fits within 400 mm thickness, each axis turning at a variable speed of 0 to 1 rpm. Every turntable is independently controllable with feedback on one user-friendly touchscreen interface. ExMachina used friction drive with Armaz Heavy motors, a method easy to install and manage.

ExMachina provided consultancy and automation systems, as well as installation and commissioning. It was also a great opportunity to work as a team with the decorators and the designer of the positioning software. We can adapt to any system!

Credit photo : @Nicolas Joubard & @Anne Pailes